Liquid Lanolin

Liquid Lanolin Standard is the liquid fraction extracted from pharmaceutical grade Anhydrous Lanolin.

The extraction process is carried out using low temperature fractional crystallization which separates the liquid and solid esters present in the anhydrous lanolin.

Liquid Lanolin Standard has essentially the same chemical properties as anhydrous lanolin, offering skin moisturising, conditioning and emulsifying properties.

The use of Liquid Lanolin Standard provides a lighter feel with reduced drag in skincare applications, as well as offering the substantial handling benefits of a liquid. Being of exceptional colour and odour, it is ideal for use in lipstick of all shades and lip balm type products.

It may also be used in a variety of oil-based formulations such as bath oils, baby oils, cleansing and suntan oils. The high fluidity and clarity of Liquid Lanolin Standard allows it to replace part of the mineral oil content providing enhanced emolliency.

A low pesticide lanolin oil - Liquid Lanolin Standard LP is also available.

Product Description
Liquid Lanolin Standard Liquid fraction of lanolin
Liquid Lanolin Standard LP Liquid fraction of lanolin (low pesticide)

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