NK Ingredients Pte Ltd is a world supplier of Cholesterol. It is extracted from lanolin alcohol by a specialised solvent extraction process.

We offer three grades:

Cholesterol BP (Feed Grade)- 91% minimum purity
Cholesterol NF- 95% minimum purity
Cholesterol EP- 95% minimum purity

Cholesterol has superior emulsifying and stabilizing properties and is widely used as an emulsifying agent of W/O emulsions in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

Cholesterol NF is used as an intermediate in the production of vitamin D3, steroid hormones and cholesterol esters.
Cholesterol EP conforms to the European Pharmacopoeia with applications across Cosmetics, Personal care and Pharmaceuticals. 
Cholesterol BP (Feed Grade) is extensively used as an additive to prawn feed. The addition of Cholesterol to the prawn feed significantly enhances the growth and survival rate of young prawns that are artificially reared. For more information with regards to Cholesterol BP, please visit the Aquafeed page or click here

Product Description
Cholesterol BP (Feed Grade) Cholesterol to BP specification (feed grade)
Cholesterol EP Cholesterol to EP specification
Cholesterol NF Cholesterol to NF specification

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