Compass Wool

The photograph above shows Compass Wool Processors in Malaysia

NK Ingredients Pte Ltd long term commitment to delivering premium quality products together with a supply  chain guarantee is realised by the integration of Compass Wool Processors in Malaysia - one of the largest wool scouring and combing plants in the world. 

Compass Wool Processors wash raw wool to provide the best and most consistent quality wool grease for the production of our EDQM certified Lanolin and Cholesterol products. This in-house processing guarantees us a stable and reliable supply of raw material. As a result, we are able to manufacture products which are price stable and of an excellent consistent quality.

This puts NK Ingredients in the unique position as being the only Lanolin Manufacturer generating its own wool grease raw material in the world. This control of wool grease raw material and origin will enable NK Ingredients to deliver fully standardised and fully reproducible natural Lanolin and its derivatives for our customers - every time. 

For more information regarding Compass Wool Processors, please click here to visit their website. 

The photograph above shows one of the Compass Wool Processors' scouring line

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